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다음 편지는 최근 발간된 박성현(뱅모)의 "탄핵다이제스트"로부터 얻은 정보를 참고로 작성한 것입니다.  아무쪼록 이 책을 많이 구독하셔서 읽어 보시기 바랍니다.  이 책은 송료 포함 1만원에 15권을 보내 줍니다.  구입처는 에 들어가시면 됩니다.

Dear Mr. President,


Before I begin my story, I would like to share with you a supposition in the form of a rumor being spread around among some in the Korean-American community these days.  I am sure it would be quite intriguing to you.  In this supposition, they are saying, the Obama Administration had been involved, somehow, in the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, which happened just a month or more after the time of your inauguration.  Not only that, but it is said that the Obama Administration also actively manipulated the situation in Korea to make it easy for Moon Jae in, the current leftist President of South Korea, to grab power by toppling Ban Ki moon, the former Secretary General of the U.N.  At that time, Mr. Ban was the most promising right wing presidential candidate in by-election for replacing impeached President Park.   Also, the situation in Korea was extremely volatile and fluid, and even a small blow of breath could change the election outcome. But why would the Obama Administration have committed this (almost) treasonous act?  We believe that it was the part of the Democrats' "insurance policy" scheme in order to prepare, at least from their point of view, for the extremely unlikely case of losing the U.S. presidential election.


To understand this line of thought, we hope you will consider the following series of events:


At the end of 2016, Preet Bharara, U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York, indicted Dennis Joo-hyun Ban, a realtor, and his father Ban Ki-sang, for bribery, fraud, and money laundering.  Dennis Ban is a naturalized US citizen and Ban-Ki-sang was a Korean national.  Ban Ki-sang is the brother of Ban Ki-moon, the former General Secretary of the U.N.  One peculiar aspect of this indictment is in the fact that no US citizen had been victimized, i.e. nobody in U.S. lost anything due to their fraudulent scheme.  The only victim of this crime was a Korean named Sung One-jong, the CEO of Kyung Nam Enterprise, a construction company.  In January 2017, Ban Ki-moon dropped out of the race for Korea's upcoming presidential by-election for no apparent reason.  Mr. Ban has never offered any explanation for his decision, although this decision paved the way for Mr. Moon Jae-in, the pro-North Korea and pro-China leftist, to become the next president.  You may also notice the fact that Mr. Preet Bharara was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton.  
In 2013, Hillary Clinton gave a speech to a closed door meeting with Goldman-Sachs' management.  In her speech she revealed her thoughts on America's North Korea policy.  She said she preferred to maintain the status-quo of a divided Korean Peninsula. This view was in line with Obama’s so-called "strategic patience" policy.   In contrast to the failed Obama/Clinton policy, the Park Geun-hye administration of South Korea took an extremely hardline policy toward North Korea throughout 2016 in response to the North’s provocations with their frequent nuclear and missile tests. In February, 2016, she ordered the shut-down of the joint South-North Gaesung Industrial Complex, which, since its establishment, had provided valuable hard cash for the North.  In July of the same year, she allowed the installation of the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, consequently alienating China, as well. On October 1, the Korean Armed Forces day, she announced her intention to reunify Korea. She assembled a team of highly trained military forces dedicated to the termination of Kim Jong-un. Her hardline policy likely upset the Obama Administration and motivated them to facilitate the removal of President Park. 

Given these events, one could surmise the following: As soon as you, Mr. President, won the election in November 2016, a group of people from the Obama & Clinton teams decided to execute their schemes of impeaching President Park and extending assistance to Moon Jae-in to take power.  They understood this could potentially corner you into an un-winnable binary situation—to either wage war against China or to acquiesce in the domination of the Korean peninsula by China. Either outcome, they thought, would result in your failed presidency.  


I guess they never even imagined how brilliant you could be in the strategy of dealing with China as you already have done up to this point.  Democrats and the deep state people around them failed miserably in their evil scheme of trapping you in a predicament they framed.  However, innocent President Park still remained imprisoned as the result of their evil schemes.  She has now suffered in prison for more than one thousand days.  Now, I wish that you, President Trump, would do something about this.  That is the story I want to convey to you.


As you may know, South Korea will hold a general election for its legislature on April 15 this year.  At this point, the situation is quite chaotic and it is extremely hard to predict the election results.  At the center of this confused situation, there is the aftermath of the impeachment of President Park that is still lingering for more than three years.  It appears that the leftists still hold the upper hand.  The problem with the right wing is in the fact that people do not trust any politician who had been involved in the fraudulent impeachment.   They really need a focal point around which they can unite.  This is where President Park is urgently needed.  She is the only one who can play this role.  The only problem is that she is still in prison.  We need to have her released from prison by all means.   And President Trump, you are the one who can help us without too much burden on you.


All you need to do is to send a couple of former dignitaries (such as Nikki Haley or Sarah Huckabee Sanders, for example) to visit President Park in prison and let them have a short interview with her.  This would send a subtle, but clear signal to all Koreans that you, the President of the United States, care about President Park and her well-being.  Also, this would not incur any adverse impression that you are interfering with domestic issues of a foreign country, because such visit to President Park would be by a private person, not by an incumbent high official.  I am sure you have thousands of means available to accomplish this small but important matter for all Koreans who love you and support you.

Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.